When it comes to individual consultations, I am specialized in working with female clients. More specifically, I work with women who want to improve their own organizing skills under the professional supervision in order to permanently improve their overall quality of life. I teach them missing organizing skills, but also motivate them to regularly create quality time for themselves.



By understanding clients’ habits, needs, and wishes I suggest a completely personalized organizing system and the way of implementing and maintaining it. That way clients achieve sustainable personal organization which, along with the efficiency, gives them the necessary peace of mind and satisfaction in every area of life.

An individual session consists of an introductory visit (assessment) and organizing (implementation of the agreed work plan).

Assessment (lasts up to 1,5 hours):

• price is deducted from the first organizing block (4 hours) should it be agreed upon
Price: 200 kn for payments made in Croatia (25 € or 30 $ for payments made abroad)
• space inspection and/or conversation about time management issues
• detection of the actual disorganizational causes
• work plan proposition
• time frame and price assessment
• signing of work plan (with confidentiality clause)


• help and supervision step-by-step
• implementation of agreed work plan
• payoff per hour or per block (1 block = 4 hours)
• FREE 30 minutes follow-up on sight or over the phone, a month after the last session or as needed
Price for 1 hour = 250 kn for payments made in Croatia (30 € or 40 $ for payments made abroad)
Price for 1 4h block = 800 kn for payments made in Croatia (100 € or 120 $ for payments made abroad)

In rare cases assessment is enough for a client to continue with organizing and achieving the results on her own. However, most clients find that difficult so they opt for my involvement and supervision during the entire process.

For clients living abroad I offer virtual consultations i.e. video calls or phone calls.
Potential call costs are covered by client.
Virtual consultations are conducted in blocks of 1 hour per call, but can be adjusted to client’s specific needs and wishes.
Price for 1h call: 200 kn for payments made in Croatia (25 € or 30 $ for payments made abroad)